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Tuesday, September 05, 2006 


If this blog wants to expose the 'truth' in arkansas politics, then i expect you to post a thread on Jim Lagrone lying about when his son was in Iraq. Otherwise, it will be apparent that this blog does not seek to expose the 'truth' but rather to spread republican propaganda.

You are such a moron! Is that the talking point that went out from the DPA today? It must be because that's all I've seen on blogs today. "Jim Lagrone lied." You people can't even stay on topic of what the blog subject is! You have to go on a tirade and make something out of nothing and perpetrate a lie about a candidate who made one little mistake. It's like your pitiful candidates have never done anything wrong! I assure you, there is not enough room here to list all the things that Beebe, Clinton, Halter, McDaniel, and oh yes, Charlie Daniels have done wrong. Charlie Daniels would need an entire website just to expose him for the liar he is. Why don't you people give it up. This won't stick just like nothing you ever say sticks, you arrogant moron.

I have no connection with the DPA, but I am a concerned voter who expects the 'truth' to be covered on both sides. Staying within the blog thread's topic has not been possible on this blog, because it has not posted a thread on Lagrone's lies.
Furthermore, Lagrone's lies were not a mistake. They were underhanded and intentional. His son even admitted as much when he said that the lie was "just too good of a sound bite to pass up" in the Democrat-Gazette. I have admitted when Democrats have made errors (and Lord knows this blog has called out plenty of Democrats) but it won't do the same when a Republican commits a huge political blunder.
Blaming Democrats in other races for their alleged political failures is not a defense of Lagrone.

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