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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

Beebe works for votes

Mike Beebe, Arkansas gubernatorial candidate and current state Attorney General, speaks with a supporter Saturday following a speech he gave at the White County Democratic Club fundraiser held at the Lightle Center in Searcy. Beebe and others said the crowd was much larger than they expected.
The Daily Citizen
“I’m Mike Beebe. I’m running for governor and I sure would like your vote.”
So was the introduction of Mike Beebe, Democratic candidate for Governor of Arkansas — and Searcy resident — as he spoke to a crowd Saturday at the White County Democratic Club Fundraiser held in Searcy.Speaking to a crowd estimated at around 400, Beebe spoke briefly about his personal background, current poll results, and the reason people should run for office.
Beebe told the crowd he had never lived anywhere for more than four years until he moved to Searcy around 33 years ago. He became emotional and had to pause briefly when he talked about Searcy and White County being his home. He also expressed gratitude to the people of Newport for “keeping him out of the ditches” when he was young.Beebe said he normally did not talk about the results of polls done for his campaign, but he said his latest poll put him ahead of Asa Hutchinson, Republican candidate for governor, by seven to nine percentage points.
A University of Arkansas poll released Thursday reported that 47 percent of likely voters planned to vote for Beebe. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percent, which Beebe said indicated he could be anywhere from seven to 11 percentage points ahead of Hutchinson.Beebe pointed out that a Zogby poll, released at the end of October that showed Hutchinson with a lead over Beebe, was an on-line poll and not a poll of likely voters. Beebe discounted the results, saying he doubted a lot of Arkansans were going on-line to vote in that poll. In fact, www.zogby.com states the poll results are solicited through the web site of the Wall Street Journal.
Beebe said that each generation in this country had been better off than the generation before and said, “For the first time in the history of this country, we are in danger of breaking that strand.”Beebe said the only reason to run for public office was to make this country a better place.Following the speech, Don Stevens of Judsonia said, “He’s the best (candidate for governor) we’ve ever had.”Dan Bynum of Searcy said Beebe has his endorsement and he is working to aid Beebe in his campaign.Rinda Sue Miller of Searcy said she thought the size of the crowd indicated people were enthusiastic about Beebe and were interested in politics again.Searcy Mayor Belinda LaForce said she thought Beebe was very sincere.“The support is just overwhelming. It’s a great turn-out,” she said.Beebe called the crowd “large and warm” and “awesome” and said the turnout was bigger than anyone ever imagined. A large number of elected officials and candidates for both local and state offices were also present.Beebe’s wife, Ginger, 2005 President of the White County Democratic Club, acted as emcee. She asked Democratic office holders who were unopposed to introduce themselves, state their office and whether or not they were seeking the office again in 2006. Candidates who have opposition in the May 23 Democratic primary were allotted two minutes to speak.Beebe was introduced by the Arkansas Democratic Party White County Chair Diane Thomas.After he spoke, Beebe walked through the crowd, shaking hands or hugging his supporters and friends.
By Pat HambrickTuesday, November 15, 2005 5:29 PM CST

Of the political contributions out of white county so far this cycle, 95% have gone to the Republicans. Even though Beebe has a larger quantity than ASA it will be interesting to see what happens when the suit gets snug and voters really think about who they want leading Arkansas.

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