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Monday, November 07, 2005 

Wall Street Journal Poll

The Truth Received The Following Press Release...
Lets see if the Dem. Gaz. Will Run This One...
Asa Hutchinson News Release

Wall Street Journal/Zogby Poll: Asa's Lead Growing In '06 Governor's Race

Latest Battleground Poll Says Hutchinson Gaining Momentum, But Tight Race Expected

Little Rock -- A new independent poll released today shows that Asa Hutchinson's lead in the 2006 Arkansas gubernatorial race is growing in what is expected to be a close race.

The Wall Street Journal "Battleground States Poll," conducted in conjunction with Zogby International, is a series of polls targeting the 21 most competitive gubernatorial races (and 17 most competitive Senate races) in the nation through Novermber 2006. The Arkansas governor's race is one of those "battlegrounds."

In the new poll, conducted Oct. 25-31 and published today on the Wall Street Journal website, Hutchinson is beating Attorney General Mike Beebe by more than nine points – 48.6 to 39.1. The margin of error is +/- 4.9 percent. Last month, the same poll showed Hutchinson leading 46.2 to 41.2 percent.

The new poll also shows Hutchinson leading in a hypothetical match-up with Democrat Bill Halter, who has formed an exploratory committee for the race and is considering a primary challenge to Beebe. The poll does not show results of a potential Halter-Beebe match-up.

A separate poll from the University of Arkansas released last week showed Beebe leading Hutchinson.

"We've said all along that this race is going to be close and hard-fought, and every poll that we've seen bears that out," Hutchinson said. "Whether the numbers in a given poll my campaign up or my opponent's, the end analysis is the same: This race is wide open and we can expect it to be close to the finish."

To read the poll results, go to the Wall Street Journal website (subscription required): http://online.wsj.com/home/us.

Stuart Jones runs this blog. By deleting this comment, he affirms this.

Good going Truth!

The owner of this blog was suggested on Pat Lynch's show today, too.

Yep. Its Stu.

Hi Clint, can you read this?

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