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Tuesday, November 08, 2005 

Halter Statement on Poll

ON WALL STREET JOURNAL/ZOGBY POLL - http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/info-flash05a.html?project=elections06-ft&h=495&w=778&hasAd=1&mod=blogs

Bud Jackson, spokesman:

Democrat Bill Halter has yet to begin his gubernatorial campaign and he already performs better than Mike Beebe against Asa Hutchinson. When Arkansans learn more about Bill Halter and his vision to bring positive change to Arkansas, Democrats should expect Halter to pull ahead of Asa Hutchinson.

The poll also confirms the concerns of many Democrats that an incumbent statewide office holder is unable to perform better against a well-known appointee from the Bush Administration.

Arkansans need a Democratic governor to move our state responsibly forward into the future. As Democrats, we have a responsibility to nominate a candidate who can restore common sense to Little Rock and win back the governor’s office.

Halter just doesn't have any competition. Asa can't get over himself, and Beebe has nobody's trust.

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