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Saturday, July 14, 2007 

Beebe, McDaniel Sell Out To Gas Companies...

During the campaign, we brought you a series of Mike Beebe's cozy relationship with the utilities companies. At the same time he was supposed to be regulating them, he was receiving thousands of dollars in donations.

Once we brought attention to obvious conflict of interest, Beebe began backpeddaling. He even went as far as to say:

"My office is dedicated to protecting the rights of Arkansas consumers and ratepayers and will be vigilant in assuring that increases are kept to a minimum," Beebe said.

His office was committed to protecting consumers during the campaign.

Now that he is Lord Governor of Arkansas, his minions Paul Suskie at the PSC and Attorney General Dustin McDaniel approved a 3.4 percent rate increase for Arkansas Western Gas customers.

This rate hike is expected to generate over $5 million in revenues for the energy company. Not a bad investment for Arkansas Western Gas. Give a few thousand dollars worth of political campaign contributions and receive a $5 million payout on the other end.

Arkansas residents should be outraged of the back room politics surrounding this rate hike. With fuel prices at an all-time high, why are our politicians helping gas companies get richer as hard working Arkansans struggle to pay the bills?

Mike Beebe, Paul Suskie and Dustin McDaniel have a lot to answer for on this one...


Does any of this surprise you?

Hey you idiots. 2 of the 3 commissioners were appointed by your republican governor Mike Huckabee. Beebe and Dustin "family man" McDaniel can't control Huckabee folks.

Looks like we hit a nerve. Keep spinning. We just present the facts and let our readers decide the TRUTH

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