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Thursday, September 14, 2006 

The True Mike Beebe

Awesome ad! I'm so glad that someone is pointing out the flip flopping on issues that this spineless jellyfish has done.

This ad is so desperate and pathetic. When is Asa finally going to stand up and admit he's behind all of these baseless negative attacks? Here's a real opinion--http://razorbacktruth.blogspot.com/

its about time somone started holding Beebe to the fire! Good work!

2 things: Asa isn't behind these ads and they're not baseless. Liberal that you are, you can't stand it for the truth to be told about your pathetic, lying, flip-flopping candidate....that's going to lose in November.

this is fear-mongering at its worst. seems like you haven't posted in a while. asa was dominated in that debate and looked foolish. any posts on that?

Nope. Asa kicked Beebe's sorry butt in that debate, just like he'll do it again in the debate in NWA. Asa will call Beebe out on the flip flops and the lying, Beebe will get furious about it, will explode right then and there, and everyone watching will see that he's not capable of being governor since he can't handle pressure. Beebe was the one who looked foolish and will look foolish in the other 2 debates before the election.

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