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Thursday, April 13, 2006 

Poll shows Holt, Halter lead pack of hopefuls

What are your thoughts on this latest poll?

A new poll shows North Little Rock Democrat Bill Halter and Springdale Republican Jim Holt leading in their respective party’s primaries for lieutenant governor.
Survey USA conducted the poll Saturday-Monday for the Little Rock station KTHV, Channel 11. The primary election is May 23.
Among the 446 likely Democratic primary voters polled — resulting in a margin of error of 4.7 percent — 33 percent of the respondents said they would vote for Halter if the primary was held on the day they were contacted.
Halter worked for the Social Security Administration in the Clinton administration,
Fifteen percent of the respondents said they would vote for State Sen. Tim Wooldridge, D-Paragould, 14 percent for former State Rep. Mike Hathorn, D-Huntsville, and 7 percent for State Rep. Jay Martin, D-North Little Rock. Thirty-one percent said they’re undecided.
So far, Halter, who quit the governor’s race a month ago to run for lieutenant governor, has been the only one of these candidates to run television ads.
In a poll of 353 likely Republican primary voters — carrying a 5.2 percent margin of error — 59 percent of the respondents said they would vote for Holt, a state senator, if the primary were held on the day they were polled.
Twelve percent said they would vote for former U.S. Attorney Chuck Banks of Little Rock and 7 percent for State Rep. Doug Matayo of Springdale.
Twenty-two percent said they’re undecided.
Holt is the only one of these candidates who has previously run for a statewide office. In 2004, he lost to U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln, a Democrat from Little Rock. (ARDemGaz)

Looks like it's going to be Holt vs. Halter in November. Halter has enough money to protect his lead, and no amount of money can overcome Holt's lead (3-1 over both guys combined).

Check out the new post on youthagainstholt.blogspot.com! We challenge the Senator to answer this question.


My thoughts are: you used to air dirt on Holt, a long, long, time ago...things that republicans ought to know. what happened?

I hope that we are a party that is about more than just dishing dirt about our own candidates. Those of you who want to trash Jim Holt and Jim Bob Duggar are only hurting the party. If we attack our own candidates who are the front-runners in their primaries, we only weaken their chances of success in November.

I am not surprised that Bill Pritchard is spreading venom about Jim Bob, because he is behind, he is desperate, and he has a history of being angry at everyone. Jim Bob has taken the high road and has not attacked Pritchard on such obvious issues as the outside special interests who are funding his campaign or the fact that he made money on leasing a parole office next to a school. I was kind of disappointed that Matayo and his supporters are so vicious, especially since he must know he has no chance.

Let's keep it clean in our primary. There will be plenty of time and good reasons to go negative this fall.

"The Truth" never bashed Holt or was negative. He did air some dirty laundry. It was all documented stuff if memory serves me correctly. That's not dishing dirt, that's giving people information and letting them decide.

What happened?

Seems like Holt will walk away with this race unless Banks starts doing something different.

Halter's lead must be that 30% that always mentions the last name they heard or read. Since I live in the boonies ( north of Conway) we never see an TV or print ad for any of the candidates

If Holt wins, Republicans lose. It's that simple. Some of you may have forgotten the days when Congressman JPH was the only speaker we had for Lincoln Day Dinners. Congressman Boozman, get ready.

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