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Friday, February 03, 2006 

Mike Beebe: We Want THE TRUTH!

A reader of this blog has contacted the editors at The Truth with complaints of Mike Beebe’s campaign office not providing any information about how Mike feels on the issues.

This person told us that they wrote a letter to Mike asking his position on an issue and got no response to their questions. When you are elected to public office in Arkansas aren’t you supposed to respond to constituent letters? Evidently Mike Beebe thinks otherwise. The sender of the letter actually sent us a copy (see below). What does Mike Beebe have to hide? Why won’t he respond to these questions about his position on controversial issues? Mike what is your position on abortion, gay rights and 2nd amendment rights? We all know your position on ethics and special interests, which is quite obvious. The Truth thinks that Mike Beebe is scared to tell his true feelings on the issues because he does not want to lose any votes. I think that it is pretty sad when a man running for Governor of Arkansas cannot even be honest with his constituents.

So, Mike Beebe, The Truth is going to ask some questions and everyone is going to see if Mike will respond.

How do you feel about abortion?
What is your position gay marriage and gay rights?
What is your position on taxes?
What is your position on gun rights?

There you go Mike, four simple questions… Now let’s see if Mike will respond….

He won't respond.
He knows the only way Democrats win elections is if they act like Republicans.

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