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Tuesday, January 24, 2006 

Willett Changes Mind...

State Democratic Party chairman, Jason Willett, who for months had on his vehicle a printed promotion of the gubernatorial candidacy of Democratic Party hopeful Mike Beebe, won't be adding anything promoting the new Democratic hopeful, Bill Halter.
Instead, said party spokesman Bart Haynie, Willett has removed the Beebe promotion.
Haynie said the chairman's statement months ago that he'd add a Halter sticker to the vehicle if Halter got in the race was a bit of humor between Willett and Stephens Media Co. columnist John Brummett. "He wasn't really being serious," Haynie said.
Last Friday, Willett said on a radio program that he thought Halter might not run. That night Halter's candidacy was posted on Halter's Web site.
Haynie said Willett will put on the vehicle a sticker promoting whoever gets the party nomination in the May 23 primary. (ARDEMGAZ)

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