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Wednesday, January 18, 2006 

Candidates for state offices file contribution reports

Arkansas News has a complete list of the candidates reports...

I understand Kathy McFetridge is going to announce this coming week for District 93 its about time a Democrat stood up for that seat. she shouldn't have any trouble raising money.

thank you for posting these numbers. I couldn't help but notice the difference between what candidates raised and what they still had on hand. I compare that with what I have heard about or from them and how effectively they are spending the money given them.
Banks stand head and shoulders above the rest in that respect.

i heard she is a die hard democrat running as a republican... she ran as a democrat in 98' for the same seat. she is scary. have you met her?

she ran as a democrat just a few years ago & now she is going to run as a republican. wow..

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