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Tuesday, November 29, 2005 

Beebe Visits Logan County

Attorney General Mike Beebe's gubernatorial campaign got an infusion of funds during two events staged in Logan County last week.Fundraisers held in Paris and Magazine produced contributions in excess of $9,000, according to State Rep. John Paul Wells, D-Paris. Wells hosted a fundraising dinner at his home Tuesday evening, Nov. 8. Earlier in the day, Beebe appeared at a fundraiser held at the MagTel offices in Magazine.The Paris event raised $6,100 and the Magazine event raised $3,650, Wells said. The total was $9,750. There were 75 people, including Beebe, on hand for the Paris event and approximately 50 were at Magazine.The two events were part of 15 staged for Beebe throughout the state one year before the Nov. 8, 2006 general election. Beebe, of Searcy, is seeking the Democratic nomination for Governor.In addition to raising funds, Beebe took an opportunity to talk about issues in the race.Beebe said that while education reform is a priority, it's not the only issue in the race.
“We can't do just one thing,” Beebe said. “Three or four things must be addressed simultaneously.”Those are economic development, health care and criminal justice issues, Beebe said. ...
(Booneville Democrat)

What a joke. Beebe hasn't addressed a REAL issue in 25 years...

Arkansans have a choice between Beebe whose only platform is saying Arkansas can do better or Asa! who will actually address issues and understands them...

Tough choice, LOL!

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I would like to know what criminal justice issues he is talking about.

There are several issues here in Arkansas that need to be adressed.

Which ones is he going to adress? Anybody know?

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