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Thursday, October 13, 2005 

DraftClark2004.com Endorses Bill Halter....

The Truth received this e-mail of endorsement for Bill Halter from DraftClark2004. Halter announced Monday that his exploratory committee has raised more than $500,000. It looks as though Halter is going to give Beebe a run for his money, but no matter who wins the primary, The Truth will ultimately prevail for the GOP...

Dear fellow Clark supporters,
Today, we -from DraftWesleyClark.com and DraftClark2004.com -- are writing you, our friends and allies, in a way that we have never written before. Together. We write because we believe that, having worked together to fashion the new foundation of modern democracy, we have an obligation to build upon and solidify that foundation.
We believe Bill Halter represents another opportunity to do just that.
Now, Here’s what you might not know -and what Google won’t (at least not yet) reveal -about Bill Halter:
1. He’s smart. Not just book-smart (although he’s certainly that), but smart in the way of all people who, as does Bill, comes at every fresh problem without pre-ordained biases, then listens -intently but swiftly -to every available opinion from every available perspective
2. He’s honorable. Many of us watched him- “scrutinized” is a more accurate term -when he served the Clark campaign, and what we (to a person) can tell you is this: what Bill Halter says, Bill Halter does. He “walks his talk” and, in a profession in which talk is usually cheap and meaningless, Bill’s words count. Honor is rare, but important. Bill has it in big quantities.
3. He’s forward-looking. Too often, as most of us know first-hand, those in public office tend to tread only the paths they’ve trodden before. They cover well-known and familiar ground, and leave to others the “undiscovered country.” But Bill is a leader in every sense of the word, and that means he’s confident enough to take risks when those risks might yield rewards.
And, finally, there is this: Bill can win. And he will. He will beat Asa Hutchinson for the race to occupy the Governor’s Mansion of the State of Arkansas. He will answer decisively the question of whether the forward-moving vision of Clinton-era Democrats was an aberration stopped cold by partisan politics, or whether our country, starting in races local and statewide, can regain the momentum that the last “Bill from Arkansas” gave to us all….
Very truly yours,
Josh Margulies, DraftWesleyClark.com
Jason McIntosh, DraftClark2004.com
John Hlinko, DraftWesleyClark.com

These comments were made by three lone individuals. They do not represent the Clark Community in anyway, nor do they even represent DraftClark2004.com, just themselves.

Drew: It does represent DraftClark. If you go to the website they are listed as the leadership of the site.

Check the facts...

~The Truth

Drew is a faggot and not to be trusted. Plus you two are friends, right Stewart?

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