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Thursday, October 06, 2005 

Entergy, Tom Kennedy and Mickey Dale Beebe

Fact #1:
Entergy has filed a letter with the Arkansas Public Service Commission declaring their intent to ask for a 6% rate hike on the backs of consumers.

According to Entergy, “[t]his typical bill would increase from $89.73 to $95.08.” This would affect nearly 430,000 customers.

According to a letter from Entergy, this 6% rate increase took effect on October 1st. The Consumer Advocate, Mike Beebe, did not inquire to the PSC on this matter until October the 4th.

Fact #2:
Here is a copy of the actual Arkansas statute regarding the role of the Attorney General in regards to consumer utility rates:23-4-303. Office createdThere is created within the Office of the Attorney General a Consumer Utilities Rate Advocacy Division.23-4-305. Functions; powers and dutiesThe Consumer Utilities Rate Advocacy Division shall represent the state, its subdivisions, and all classes of Arkansas utility rate payers and shall have the following functions, powers, and duties:(1) To provide effective and aggressive representation for the people of Arkansas in hearings before the Arkansas Public Service Commission and other state and federal courts or agencies concerning utility-related matters;(2) To disseminate information to all classes of rate payers concerning pertinent energy-related concepts; and(3) To advocate the holding of utility rates to the lowest reasonable level.

Fact #3
Mike Beebe has accepted at least $4,000 from Entergy and/or individuals associated with Entergy:

Paul Means, Entergy Lobbyist -- $500.00
Jim Kennedy, Relative of Tom Kennedy, Vice President of Entergy -- $1,000.00
Kristi Kennedy, Wife of Tom Kennedy, Vice President of Entergy -- $1,000.00
Michael Mauldin, Director of Government Relations, Entergy -- $500.00
Cecil Alexander, Former Director of Government Relations, Entergy -- $1,000.00

Flashback – March 15, 1999, “Four Senators File Letters; under New Ethics Rule”
“Senator Mike Beebe, D-Searcy, whose law firm has been local legal counsel for Entergy.”

Beebe said his law firm (Lightle, Beebe, Raney, Bell and Simpson) has represented Entergy and its forerunner Arkansas Power and Light (AP&L) in local matters (Copyright 1999 Little Rock Newspapers, Inc., Arkansas Democrat Gazette, March 15, 1999).

This disclosure came as the Arkansas Senate began consideration of deregulation of the electric utility industry. The “Entergy” Bill was sponsored by Mike Beebe’s good friend, Tom Kennedy, now Vice President of Entergy.

More on Tom Kennedy in our next installment!

The Truth would like to begin this deep exploration with a few simple questions?

  1. How long was Mike Beebe on retainer with Entergy/AP&L?

  2. Is Beebe’s former law firm still on retainer with Entergy?

  3. What other companies did Beebe’s law firm have on retainer that may present a conflict of interest while Beebe was in the Arkansas Senate?

Mike Beebe is quoted in the March 15 Arkansas Democrat story as stating “I thought disclosure was important, and I think you need to err on the side of being cautious.”

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