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Friday, September 16, 2005 

Mike Beebe's Leadership?

Mike Beebe said that Asa Hutchinson shouldn't tout his leadership experience. Hutchinson spokesman, Chris Battle said that the Hutchinson campaign looks forward to a review of the two candidates' records of leadership.

So we here at the Truth Blog have decided to look at some of the differences in the two candidates for Arkansas' top executive office:

First, Mike Beebe said "that convicted users of meth needed to be incarcerated to wean them off their addictions. Beebe?s reasoning seemed to be that with long prison sentences convicts/addicts would be separated from the substance that landed them there in the first place."

Well one of those convicted users said "that prisoners use and abuse meth while serving time in prison and in some cases prisoners ingest meth-soaked letters that are mailed to them from the outside."

This article, from the Baltimore Sun, shows that getting drugs in prison is a lot easier than you may think. It is often times a better place for drug contacts.

Well if that doesn't work, instead of going after the criminals who supply the drug (as Asa has done his entire career), he can stop companies from selling cold medicine. Now that is leadership.

Mike Beebe said his opinion on eminent domain was "thoroughly and properly researched." So how did he lead?

Mike Beebe said that "the Arkansas Constitution remains stronger for property rights than any other state in the United States."

He went on to say that "he did not think the current state law required an immediate change because the state's condemnation procedures historically have been heavily in favor of the original property owners."

Well, just because you say it, Mike, doesn't make it true! And again, we don't think it is sufficient to settle for being better than most. How about absolute property rights?

Just the other day, we saw that the Lions World Services for the Blind is attempting to use eminent domain to take the property of Johnnie Gupton to build a new Headquarters downtown.

"According to a copy of the letter provided by Gupton, Moore states that the city has been in contact with Lions World Services about creating a community redevelopment district and that the organization hasn’t bought Gupton’s property."

"Assuming that the redevelopment district is created, the City would be prepared to use its power of eminent domain to purchase your property," the letter reads. "The valuation of property for eminent domain purposes is essentially the fair market value at the time of condemnation."

Now that is leadership Mike!


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