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Friday, December 16, 2005 

Is Win back in the race?

Is this link not working or did they just take their post down?

I am not sure that it would be a good idea for WinRock to situate himself around many people, espeically during cold and flu season. There is no doubt that his doctors are urging him not to. He is at a high risk for developing infections. While I would love to see him in the race, I hope for his sake, he chooses not to get involved.

The Arkansas Times will not post any comment related to the Lost Cherokee debacle.

Why did ArkFam take down the post? Not to mention the numerous comments (22 or so when I saw it Monday mid-afternoon), some of which allegedly outed the source of the rumor.

Could it be that it was untrue???

I'd hate to think they would post such a scandelous rumor and later just turn their backs on the subject and not even acknowledge that they made a mistake. Unfortunately, this is rather typical behavior from some of our holier-than-thou religously-tainted judgemental Republican brethren.

I actually like the ArkFam Blog and agree with 99.9% of their opinions. I just wish they would admit they made a mistake. Hey - it actully happens in the MSM. It may even increase the blog's credibility.

The Doyle Webb story is not down. Never has been. Look again:

Ooops - my bad. It was farther down the list than I thought. I take back the "turning the back" comment. I stand corrected.

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